mahe and praslin islands. seychelles Located in the Indian Ocean, 1600 kms off the east coast of Africa and northwest of the island of Madagascar, lies the beautiful archipelago of Seychelles. Traveling to the Seychelles Islands has always included exclusivity and exoticism. This Republic, which is made up of 115 islands, has a tourism-based economy. But if there is anything that defines this archipelago it is the biology and ecology. You can observe a variety of plants, birds, fish, reptiles and invertebrates that live near the beaches of fine sand and granite rock, arousing much interest in nature lovers. The giant tortoise is the most prominent representative of its wildlife, but there are also more than 250 species of birds and two thousand endemic species of invertebrates and reptiles. The mild climate, with temperatures between 24 ° and 30 ° C, has given way to 82 endemic plant species and truly spectacular flora.