SÃO VICENTE, santo antÃo. CABO VERDE South of the Tropic of Cancer in the Atlantic Ocean, São Vicente and Santo Antão, the westernmost islands of Africa are located. Cape Verde, located in the Macaronesia, has common features with other North Atlantic archipelagos. Incredible cliffs into the sea, green mountains of tropical trees, endless white sand beaches, volcanoes that create craters and moonlike shapes... It seems impossible that all these conditions could be met in one place and yet, that is what these African islands offer. Being a transit place and due to geographical isolation, we can find almost any life form in this seabed. You can find pelagic, cetaceans, typical reef species and large shoals that follow the warm Gulf Stream. All of them located in a seabed full of arches and windows that let in the intense blue light of its transparent waters.